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Scenebot is helping so many people find their true actor self! We’re very happy to be so well received by our users. Thanks for making Scenebot great!


Excellent app

This app is so helpful in so many ways if you live out of state you can get seen by agents, managers, and casting directors in the Los Angeles area without having to fly in.  I am so thankful to the creator of this app for making such a well thought out plan for actors who do not live close to the Los Angeles area. Thank you Stuart Alexander for helping actors all around the world

— Tia Marie1976 Mama

Great app for Actors!

We have been using Scenebot for over a year now.  This is a fabulous tool to practice self-tape skills, get feedback on your takes, connect with a fun network of other Scenebotters, and have the chance to have top industry professionals see your takes in a safe, friendly and supportive community. We have had the amazing opportunity to be invited to live Scenebot events with leading casting directors! The entire Scenebot staff is wonderful! It’s super fun!

— Mrs5250


I have had nothing but a great experience using this app.  It is something really special for actors who want to get noticed or just improve their craft.

— Coldhx

Completely Legit!

At first when I saw this app, I truly didn’t know it was legit. But being the curious person I am, I decided to submit an audition; a few days later I received a notification that I had gotten an honorable mention!! (MY FIRST TRY). Then after this, I submitted again the next month and received a TOP SELECT!!:) Not only has the outcome of me using this app been great, but the support from this amazing group is amazing! I can’t wait to see what this app has in store for me! I Heart Scenebot. 

— Shadow+Dixie

Wanna get into Acting?

I can honestly say I’m so glad that I joined. Through this app I have met a wonderful community of actors, who are all genuinely supportive of each other. I remember the feeling I had, that moment when I saw my audition had made it into the Top Ten. I was overjoyed because I felt as though, I could really achieve my dreams of becoming a professional actress. I’m so grateful for all the opportunities that this app provides to aspiring actors, like me. It’s an excellent resource for people to be seen by industry professionals, when they are unsure on how to get started. Thank you Scenebot!

— Danielle C.

This app is amazing!

I defiantly recommend this app to anyone who is thinking of getting it!!!! There is a premium feature that costs money, but I just have the free version and it works just as well.  YOU CANSTILL USE THE APP JUST AS WELL WITH THE FREE VERSION!!!!

— Tiegan410

I love scenebot!

Scenebot is an amazing app for actors – I only had time to do it twice, but because of just those two submissions I was contacted by two huge LA managers!! 

— Kg 1967 3305

Best thing to ever happen to me

This app is absolutely amazing. It’s great practice! I just recently started using the app and already fell in love with it. It gives you scripts and challenges and even shows you success stories on how people have got amazing acting jobs from this app. This is everything I’ve wanted. It really helps people get out there without having to move. There’s a feature for children as well so that parents can sign their children up for acting if that’s their dream. I’m a young actress who has never known how to really get out there in my small town without moving to Los Angeles, and that’s exactly what Scenebot helped with. I can stay where I am and try to get where I want to be.  This has been my dream since I was about 5 years old. I’ve met other actors and actresses from this app who are in the exact same place as me that have helped me and supported me.  I was honestly just scrolling through my Instagram one day when I saw this app and once I finally downloaded it, they helped me figure out how I use it and what it does and who’s who. It gave me a script and an ABT (who is an actor or actress which this feature is one of my absolute favorites) and I’m so excited for the future with Scenebot. If I accomplish my dream the first person I will ever thank is Scenebot because they are the reason I will be where I am.

— M3lanie Martin3z