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Agents, Managers, and Casting Directors

In just one year, Scenebot has gained support of film and television professionals, becoming an important industry tool for over 125 highly regarded Agents, Managers and Casting Directors who use Scenebot daily to scout talent not just in L.A. and New York, but around the world!


Contacted by Industry Pros

It’s clear, Scenebot is shaping up to be the “go-to” for the industry. To date, over 500 users have been contacted by Agents and Managers for possible representation, have been considered by Casting Directors for major feature films and television shows, or have been “scene” via free events like Scenebot STUDY HALL and FEEDBACK.

Scenebot provides an opportunity, but it is not a substitute for training and talent. The vast majority of roles in tv and film are cast the same way. A casting director puts out a breakdown of what parts they need and agents and managers submit their clients that they believe are right for the role that is described. The casting directors will then go through the submissions and choose which actors to see. So the first step in your career is to acquire an agent or manager that can submit you for these parts. Scenebot lets you self-tape an audition each month that is graded and if it scores high enough, gets sent to our Who’s Who list of top industry professionals for consideration. Scenebot also helps you learn self-tape skills, and keeps your face in front of our casting directors, so when you are submitted on their projects, they will be familiar with your work. As for dress, if it’s an audition on tape or in person, dress to how you see the character. If it’s a meeting, dress to how you see yourself and best displays your personality.

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