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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Scenebot?

Scenebot is an app and a website that allows actors to access audition material and upload their audition to be posted for casting professionals to select the best auditions to be posted to the app and website for review by industry agents, managers and casting directors.

Who sees my videos?

Monthly auditions chosen as honorable mentions and top selects are posted to the site for all members, both actors and industry professionals, to view.

Is it possible to be contacted by agents, managers, casting directors, etc. through or from this app?

Yes! All of the agents, managers, and casting directors listed in our industry directory have access to all of the honorable mentions and top selects via the app and website. They also receive a direct link to the top ten each month. The industry professionals are then able to access actor profiles and message the actors directly.

Who gets seen by the Industry Pros? Is it just the Top Ten? What about Top Selects and Honorable Mentions?

The best way to "Get Scene" by our pros is to make the Top Ten. Our pros receive a direct link to the Top Ten auditions each month!

So, if you make the Top Selects, get the word out to friends and family to vote for you by"liking" your audition, as the auditions with the most likes form our top ten. But please remember, only votes from users with a valid email addresses count as we need to keep the voting fair.

Honorable Mentions and Top Selects are also a great honor, and only a handful of auditions are chosen. Our Industry Pros have full access to Scenebot, and may watch the Honorable Mentions and Top Selects each month and discover new talent in those categories as they wish.

Also, if you have an audition that is awarded Honorable Mention, Top Select or Top Ten, that video will live in your profile. Any Industry Pro that chooses to follow you will also have access to those auditions while viewing your private profile or Pro Member page in our Industry Directory.

So, you see there are many ways to "Get Scene", but it all starts with a great audition. The more top auditions you add to your profile, the better it is for our pros to learn about you and ultimately decide to reach out for possible representation or an audition for a role in a project they may be casting.

If your audition does not make it through, keep practicing, watch the ones that are selected, use our training videos for guidance and we will see you in the selected videos soon enough!

Is there an age limit?

Scenebot is open to all ages. Children under 13 will need a parent to sign up.

How can it be free?

The basic functionality of Scenebot will always be free, because no actor should have to pay for the opportunity to be seen.

What is the pro section?

To reiterate, auditioning on Scenebot is and always will be free. Our pro account will be available for an introductory price of about $1 per month (yearly subscription) to help us pay for the operation of the website and for the writers of the great scenes we provide.

So, for the pro membership, we added a few special perks:

  • Your homepage will be included in our searchable industry database. This will allow agents, managers and casting directors all over the country to search and view your homepage and selected videos at any time.
  • You will have access to 6 scenes each month.
  • You will be able to ask questions in our "ask the experts" section.
  • You will get professional feedback on all of your monthly auditions, with tips and advice on what you need to work on to improve your skills.
  • More perks will be announced soon.

Is it safe?

Absolutely! Safety is our number one priority. No personal information of yours other than your first name, last initial and city will appear on the site if your video is posted.

Your Actor Profile Page is private, and is only visible to the Scenebot team and our select group of industry professionals - who will be able to contact you via email.

Can anyone audition?


Who can vote?

Anyone, of any age, that creates an account on our site. You can join as an actor or just as a supporter!

How do I self tape?

Watch the How-To videos in our "Scenebot Originals" section.

Where can my parents learn more?

Our “Scenebot Original” section has a show just for parents titled “Parental Guidance”. It contains links and information as well as interviews with parents of some of today’s top young stars, who offer advice and guidance on helping your child succeed.

How will I be contacted if an industry pro is interested in me?

They will email you directly, so make sure your email on file is up to date.

What if I am having trouble with the App?

Email us at support@scenebot.com and we will get back to you ASAP.

A few things you can try if you are having trouble uploading your video

  1. On IOS lower the camera quality setting under Scenebot Settings. This will create a smaller file that is easier to upload.
  2. If the app is crashing, you can try to uninstall and reinstall, then re-enter your username and password.
  3. If your camera won’t open, please make sure you have watched the training video and that you have turned off the orientation lock on your phone.

Read on to learn more about Krisha Bullock

Krisha has over seventeen years of casting experience, specializing in youth programming. She has been nominated for over a dozen Artios awards by the Casting Society of America and was a past recipient of the Seymour Heller Award for Television Casting Director of the Year awarded by the Talent Manager’s Association, as well as the 2013 recipient of the Artios Award for Excellence in youth programming. She currently casts the hit shows, “Henry Danger” and "Game Shakers". Some of her other credits include the shows, “Sam & Cat”, "Victorious”, "iCarly”, “Drake and Josh”, and “Zoey 101”.

Outside of Casting, Krisha has been a mentor and teacher to thousands of hopeful young people,helping them break into the industry.

*** Scenebot is NOT a contest. There are no prizes offered. It is simply a fun way to audition and be seen by Agents, Managers and Casting Directors in the entertainment industry.