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Scenebot is helping so many people find their true actor self! We’re very happy to be so well received by our users. Thanks for making Scenebot great!


The greatest app for actors

Downloading and using Scenebot has been the best thing that I have done for my acting career.  I have had opportunities every month to audition and get “scene” by industry professionals. It’s great to have endless opportunities like this at your fingertips. I’ve found success in making it to the Top Ten and now being A-listed with my auditions, I know I can only continue growing from there. Living across the country I didn’t know what I could do to reach out to the industry professionals I needed to be reaching to find potential success as an actor, and Scenebot has broken down that barrier for me! It’s so exciting that I can audition every month for a chance to get “scene”. You really grow as an actor and it really allows you to hone your on camera auditioning skills. There are so many success stories and I plan to be one of them! The Scenebot community is one like no other. It is filled with people who are so supportive and encouraging and I am proud and very happy to be part of its continued success! I recommend every aspiring actor to download and start using this app if you want the endless opportunities to reach out to the RIGHT audience. It is SAFE and EFFECTIVE and of course 100% fun and exciting. Do yourself the biggest favor and use Scenebot! You will definitely not regret it.

— Luna Marie Rivera

So cool!

This is probably one of the best apps I have ever downloaded! It’s super easy to navigate, the scripts are great and it feels good knowing that you could be seen! Definite a MUST HAVE for any upcoming actors!

— Zunyfan89

You’ve just got to try it!!

If you are an aspiring actor/actress, you must try Scenebot! Since being a member of the AMAZING Scenebot community, I feel I’ve grown so much in my confidence to make strong choices, create fun characters, and feel better about my overall ability to record a nice quality self-tape.  My absolute favorite part is getting the professional feedback on my auditions (with pro membership, which is so worth it) after I submit. It is so wonderful to know what I can improve on, so I can put my best foot forward. Thank you Scenebot for creating such a fantastic tool. It’s one of the best things I’ve discovered in my acting journey! Much love, Savanna.

— Tlam

Great App, great way to be scene!

Prior to Scenebot, the only way to be scene by reputable agents, managers, and casting directors was to attend expensive conventions that end up costing 1000’s of dollars in fees and travel expenses, trust me as this was our path to Hollywood. My daughter loves the app and the Scenebot community. The feedback is spot on. It is a great way to start your career and get an agent or manager, my only wish is that it was used more for casting opportunities.  My daughter loves it but already has an agent and manager. It has helped her grow. Hoping they continue to evolve to help their more seasoned actors get roles. Great app created by some top people in the industry.

— Gh2akumal

Actor’s New BFF!

I love Scenebot! This is safe, fun, and easy to use, and the community (including Scenebot staff and users) is so supportive! I’m new in the business, so this is a great place to practice my craft.  The feedback feature gives me advice on how I can improve my audition to make it even better.  Plus, this app gives you the chance to showcase your talent to industry professionals every month including Agents, Managers, and Casting Directors! What other app allows you to do this for Free and from the comfort of your own home?! The app also gives you access to videos that feature celebrities who share their knowledge and how they started in the business. If you know you are an actor and you need a kick start, this app is for you! Much love to the Scenebot staff and community!

— Danielle Nfrom Ny


So I didn’t really know what this was  in the beginning but I signed up anyways. Now I have a way to be exposed to professionals and see what the business is really like. Someday I hope to be 

— Moonlight Bae

Absolutely amazing!!!!!

Scenebot is the most helpful thing for actors looking to get their start. 6 months ago, I didn’t think I would ever make it in front of industry professionals, and now I get the opportunity to audition for them EVERY MONTH! Scenebot not only helps actors with their careers, it also has created a beautiful community that I have the honor to be a part of. We scenebotters are a family, and everyone in our family is so supportive, kind, and optimistic. This app introduced me to not only an amazing way to “get scene”, but had an awesome community come with it. Scenebot has given me the opportunity to do what I love, and I cannot be more thankful.

— Ultimate Kitty Lover

Love love love

Scenebot is really great! When I first heard about it I thought it was a scam. But I researched it for hours and found that it was legit. I love it and it’s a great opportunity for young actors to get scene. 

— Jishwadun21