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Scenebot is helping so many people find their true actor self! We’re very happy to be so well received by our users. Thanks for making Scenebot great!



This app is a fun way to explore acting if your new or better your skills if you’re not.  It opens so many opportunities to aspiring actors who can’t easily get themselves out there and gives such a fun and exciting experience.  There’s nothing more thrilling than waiting for honorable mentions, top selects, and the top ten to be posted! Also, the other users are all so friendly and provide such an encouraging environment! Wonderful app!!

Great Concept!

This is an amazing idea, and is so quick and easy. In addition to being a great way to get noticed in the industry, the app also provides many videos with tips, lessons, and advice. 

— Centrifudge


I think Scenebot is a wonderful app and here’s why. It lets actors from anyone have a chance at being big and getting their career started.  I am glad to have found Scenebot because it helps you memorize lines, practice auditioning, and shows you videos of other successful actors and their advice. So if your new actor you should definitely get Scenebot.

— Sophiapanda


Scenebot it’s an amazing out reach for actors. I am in love with this app! There are so many wonderful opportunities from scenebot. It’s not a scam. It’s completely safe for anyone to use. Scenebot has given me many opportunities and it’s been awesome. I hope you can too! You’ll love this app!

— Emilyreb

This one app changed our whole life!!!

My daughter Liv Z started on Scenebot a year ago in October! In November of 2016, Liv made the Top Ten and was reached out to by several Los Angeles representatives! By January, she was auditioning for huge, legit projects! Now as an A-Listed Scenebot success story, we are so busy auditioning for commercials, tv shows and upcoming films but we still try to get Liv’s monthly submission in! It’s great practice, it keeps us connected to our amazing Scenebot online and real life community, keeps her fresh in casting directors minds and lets Scenebot know how forever thankful we are that Scenebot exists!! #getscene #scenebot

— Sarah&Liv

So incredibly GRATEFUL for this app!

This app is the best thing out there for aspiring actors.  Hands down. You get the opportunity to audition for so many great agents, managers, and casting directors (for free) and can also get feedback on your audition each month! The scenebot community itself is so welcoming and everyone is so so so supportive of one and other, it’s such a nice feeling. I’m truly so incredibly grateful for this app! I love it!

— Paige Pyle95


I’ve had this app for about 7 months and it is the best! I love everything about and I love that I could be at home while doing my auditions it’s a win-win.  If you have a dream of being an actress/actor don’t give up download this app and I guarantee you won’t regret it!

— Beyonce My Saviour


If you don’t have the opportunity to show your skills to managers and agents because of other factors, this app is great because it allows you to introduce yourself to the world. Super easy and fun to use.  Love it!

— Rosh