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Mike Baldridge

Before moving into the Entertainment Industry and Talent Representation in 2000, Mike graduated from U.C. Berkeley in Computer Science and held Information Technology positions with L'Air Liquide (France), Amdahl, IBM, BHP (Australia) and was Senior Vice President in Technology for Bank of America. In 2002, Mike was on the Theatrical Team at the Beverly Hecht Agency and also assisting the agent/owner on Shia LaBeouf's desk. In 2006, Mike joined Garry Purdy and the Momentum Talent and Literary Agency which just celebrated its 10th year with a Team that makes every day worth going to work. Mike and Momentum have received nine Heller Award nominations in the Youth and Adult Theatrical Agent categories from 2008 - 2016 and received the Heller Award in 2011 for Adult Theatrical Agent.

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