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Jody Orellana

Jody Orellana, has been in the business of TV/Film for over 40 years. Born into a Showbiz family (Ben/Jerry Stiller and Dan Shotz (Black Sails-Starz), she did a few acting gigs on PBS shows like Sesame Street, Mr. Rogers and the Electric Company. Though she always preferred behind the camera roles rather than acting. So in college, she immersed herself into features; working in several crew positions for Stargate, Tombstone, Maverick, Get Shorty, to name just a few. After graduating college with a BA in Film and Communications, she worked as an Associate Producer/Producer for BET Films, Starz/Encore and Hallmark Channels

While producing promos for Hallmark Channel, a colleague referred her to the Nielsen Ratings and she accepted a National Publicity position for Nielsen TV Ratings. Managing over 5000 homes solo and winning several awards in Quality, Team and launching a Local People Meter Market for Philadelphia...she worked for over 10 years for the company while raising their standards, implementing new training methods that spearheaded the team and raised the ratings for the networks.  Jody decided to leave the Nielsen's to pursue starting a family. As such, she wanted to continue to work within the business but from a position that would allow her to be a mom too. Thus she opted to begin her own company in Talent Management, known as 7 Sails Management.

Now after 10 years of being a successful talent Manager....she continues to develop new talent as well as working on submission teams for High profile Celebrities and is beginning to learn the ropes of Casting. Jody is known for her brilliant, creative and out of the box strategies that have been an inspiration to her talent as well as the agents/managers and casting.  Creating new pathways into Hollywood for talent that are just beginning to working actors and Celebs. Managing Talent domestically and internationally in areas of Film, TV, Music and Theater; Jody works hard to navigate her  clients ( “sails”) to enable them to reach their dream destinations. Jody is a full member of the Talent Manager’s Association and served 3 years as a Board of Director for the organization.