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Stacy Carter

Stacy Carter grew up in Los Angeles, California and worked as a child actress from 1978 to 1986. After her childhood run with acting, Stacy started working as an intern during college for a well-known talent agency called Herb Tannen & Associates, and was shocked and excited to find that her childhood agent, Joy Stevenson, headed up the kid’s theatrical department. This was just the beginning of Stacy working with Joy extensively, but it was still ten years before that would come to fruition.


After graduating from college, Stacy was hired to work as an assistant for another highly reputable talent agency called CESD, where she was quickly promoted to head the kids’ print department. However, she found that working in an agency full-time was not her cup of tea, as she always wanted to be a stay-at-home mom with a side business that provided her with a flexible work schedule. So, prior to having three children of her own, Stacy began to help her former agent Joy Stevenson launch a management company, Stevenson Talent Management, by creating Joy’s baby and toddler department. Joy and Stacy continued to work together for the next fifteen years and shared talent, but once Stacy’s own children were older, the time felt right to go into business for herself which led to the beginning and partnership of Bartlett Carter Talent Management with April Bartlett, a close acquaintance from the business. First and foremost, their goal was to successfully guide, nurture, and develop talent of all ages.  In doing so, both ladies made it a priority to work with like-minded people who shared the same values and ethics, just as the late Joy Stevenson taught Stacy. 


With their positive mindset and passion, Stacy and April hit the ground running and are very proud of the trajectory of their business over the past few years. Many of their clients have booked pilots, national commercials, major feature films, and lead character voices on some major network animated TV shows and feature films. Stacy and April pride themselves on being team players and look out for their talent like mama bears, because, at the end of the day, they always want the best for their clients


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